Aplets and Cotlets, you’ve either had them, and love them, or have had them and didn’t know what they were called. Or maybe you are rarity and haven’t tried them at all! Well lucky for you, you can!

Aplets in Cotlets in quaint Cashmere, WA has a super long history and a cult following! From their texture, taste, and slight crunch (if there's added nuts), you enjoy every bite and nibble!

The treat with flavor explosion for your taste buds can be bought almost anywhere bationwide! Who would have thought that an orchardist who owned Liberty Orchards so long back would start such a cool endeavor? From Amazon to your local grocery store, you’ll be able to get your paws on some yumminess!

Aplets Cotlets Packaging
Liberty Orchards

If you’ve ever been to the Original Starbucks location in downtown Seattle WA, you know how special it is to visit the actual storefront. Easier ways around the store to free samples! Yum, yes please! (You think they will notice if I show up every day for free samples? Should I just invest in a wig? No? Just buy the Aplets and Cotlets? Fiiiinnnnneeee)

Aplets and Cotlets almost was no longer a few years back, but no fear, it’s here to stay and here for ALL of us to enjoy under new ownership!

Maybe you don’t like Aplets and Cotlets... That’s ok too! The store provides other tasty treats like chocolates and orchard bars! Something for literally everyone to enjoy! Bring home a box of goodies and let the family enjoy, start a tradition of gifting them for stocking stuffers. All yummy and all while supporting this amazing mom-and-pop shop!

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