We have all been there, misspelled stuff via text, Google searches, so on. But when we search things on Google, Google usually comes through with the word we actually meant to type.


BUT, there's always an exception to the rule, right?

Typing Wanachi into the Google search bar may seem like an innocent misspelling, right? What's the worst that could happen?

Is there even such a thing as "Wanachi?"

Yes, and while you've heard the indigenous term, Wenatchi,

Wenatchi Means: " Native Americans who originally lived near the confluence of the Columbia and Wenatchee Rivers in Central Washington state." Source

Wanachi is NOT the same.

Where is Wanachi?

It's not a question of where, it's more of a "What" is Wanachi.


Wanachi is an Adult Product Line.

hahaha, no I am not making this up. And I had no idea! Does this mean when we tell people, "Oh ya, I'm from Wenatchee," that they could actually be thinking of "uh Humm"

Think I am joking? Take a look at the picture below....  If you type, "Wanachi Washington," Google at least knows you meant Wenatchee, but THANFULLY won't "pop up" a product line (see what I did there)


As I did some more research on the strenuous topic, I wanted to know, can you even buy a Wanachi product IN Wenatchee?

I am not going to say yes, and I am not going to say no.... (Click here if you're 18+) 

This brings a whole new meaning to "Welcome to the Snatch."

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