On of my all-time favorite sayings when someone says,

"Dang it, *insert item here* just broke!"

I, without hesitation will yell (even from another room...)

"BUT DID YOU TRY RICE!?" *Followed my knee slapping laughs, No I am not mature. *

Now, you could be sitting there like, "I don't get it." so let me catch you up to speed...

For as long as I have been alive, if a cell phone got wet, people advised us to submerge the phone in some rice.

Apparently, the rice would act as a vacuum and suck out the moisture from the phone.


Things are about to change though because,

"Doing so could allow small particles of rice to damage your iPhone," - Source


 While Apple isn't totally against the method, there are better ways to dry your waterlogged phone.

Apple's Suggestions for Drying a Wet iPhone

Hint: It's NOT Rice!

Gallery Credit: Aly

So, I have totally tried the "rice" hack, and these were my thoughts.

I have no clue if it worked, I mean yes, my phone worked again, but was it because of the rice or the fact that I may not have saturated the phone completely? I have no idea, but I will be taking Apples suggestions!

For more tips and tricks to drying, any phone, click here.


Have you ever waterlogged your phone? What did you try?

Cracking my phone screen, getting it wet, accidently dropping it, all of the things are this day in ages "Panic Attack," instantly!


We pay so much for these rectangles to sit in our pockets, be a part of our daily lives, document life changing events, we want to make sure we are doing things (like drying them properly if they get wet) to protect their integrity.

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