The Washington State University’s (WSU) Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center has discovered a new apple variety that is suitable for market.

Growers had the opportunity to check out the WA-64 apple in various growth stages at Sunrise Orchard in Rock Island Wednesday.

Dr. Katherine Evans said the new apple variety is a cross between the Honeycrisp apple and the Cripps Pink apple, also known as Pink Lady.

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“It's a result of a lot of years of selection and evaluation in the breeding program,” Dr. Evans said. “We hope to get it out as quickly as we can, but it's still got a number of years to go before you'll get to see it in the store.”

Dr. Evans said this variety is a small to medium-sized eating apple, and is closer to taste and appearance to its Pink Lady parent.

Researchers are currently looking for interested parties to develop a commercialization plan before sending the seedlings to growers.

This apple is expected to reach consumers between 2028-2029.

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