Spring forward and fallback, Daylight-Saving time comes to an end on November 5th, 2023. But are we sticking with that time?

We always hear rumors of "getting rid of daylight-saving time." and if it passed through the senate or even the president's desk. So, which is it? Are we, or aren't we?

Back on March 16th, 2022 this article was published in regard to the Senate approving a bill to make daylight-saving time permanent. The Bill is called the Sunshine Act.

Photo Credit: Aly/Canva
Photo Credit: Aly/Canva

"In the last five years, 19 states have enacted legislation or passed resolutions to provide for year-round daylight-saving time, if Congress were to allow such a change, and in some cases, if surrounding states enact the same legislation. Because federal law does not currently allow full-time DST, Congress would have to act before states could adopt changes.

The 19 states are Colorado and Kentucky (resolution) (2022), Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi and Montana (2021). Idaho, Louisiana, Ohio (resolution), South Carolina, Utah and Wyoming (2020). Delaware, Maine, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington (2019). Florida (2018; California voters also authorized such a change that year, but legislative action is pending so it is not counted). Some states have commissioned studies on the topic including Massachusetts (2017) and Maine (2021).

Two states -- Arizona and Hawaii -- and the U.S. territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands observe permanent standard time. " - Daylight Saving Time | State Legislation (ncsl.org)

Photo Credit: Aly/Canva
Photo Credit: Aly/Canva


In shorter terms, yes, we are still turning our clocks back an hour and will probably still spring forward in Spring of 2024.

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