What Baby Names Are Illegal In Washington State?

We've all heard stories about parents trying to name their children ridiculously outlandish names. There are a few baby names that might be illegal in Washington State


Can I Name My Child "Jesus Christ" In Washington State?

My mom was all about L's and V's so my siblings and I have some form of L's and V's in our names, but did you know that in the state of Washington, certain baby names could actually be illegal?

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In Washington State, there are no specific laws that explicitly ban certain baby names but the state does have guidelines regarding the registration of names for newborns.

The guidelines state that names must not contain any symbols, numbers, or punctuation marks, and they must not include any obscene or offensive language

Furthermore, if a name is deemed to be detrimental to the child's welfare, the state can refuse to register it.

For example, a name that suggests illegal activity, such as a drug-related term or a violent act, may be considered detrimental to a child's welfare and could be refused registration.


In one interesting case, for example, one New Zealand court found that the name “Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii” was too bizarre. The New Zealand girl who was given this mouthful of a name appealed to the courts for a change when she turned nine.

We've compiled a list of 10 of the baby names that have been deemed illegal in the United States thanks to the website namechecks.com, see if you recognize any of these below:

10 Unusual Baby Names That Are Illegal in Washington State

There are a few baby names that might be illegal in Washington State

If you love more illegal baby names, you can check out more here and here.

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