When I was in high school, I was Cheer Captain and loved every second. With helping my coach with budgeting for cheer gear, fundraisers, uniforms, pom poms, to the hometown games. One thing though that really changed my life and perspective was being able to go to Cheer Camp.

Cheer Camp 2007, my squad and I packed up and headed to the Central Washington Campus for a week of cheer, bonding and fun! Not to mention, the coveted Cheer Stick. Yes, it's really a thing!

Every year, summer after summer, these cheer camps are held across Washington State.

Being the Assistant Cheer Coach for Cashmere High School, I couldn't wait to see what all of us would do for 2023-2024 Cheer Season.

Cheer Camp is the perfect opportunity for the whole squad to learn new cheers, dance routines and get to know their teammates better.

I remember emotions running high on a particular day, but after all was said and done, the bond the other girls and I had was, unbreakable.

Communications, trust and understanding are just a few key elements in the Sport of Cheer. Think about it, your teammates are throwing you in the air, or maybe your the one who's base and being trusted to lift a cheerleader. It takes strength of course, but trust and communication take it all the way.

If you know a cheerleader in your life who is going to cheer camp, praise and congratulate them! Camp is amazing for growth, drive and fun!

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