When I was in middle school, I’ll never forget finding out about Myspace. Then how to make my profile cute, which backdrop could I add to make the profile pop? What pictures can I add that will best represent me and my interests? 

“What will *Insert Name Here* think when they come to my page?!” “Ohhhh, what profile pic works best with the profile theme!?” 

Honestly it really took my brain over, and I went from deciding which Barbie will wear which outfit to, “Um, *Again insert name here* didn’t add me back?! What the heck?”  

We could even touch base on MSN Messenger, AIM, chatrooms from your favorite musical artist or interests in life, there was always a “chat room.”  

What’s the commonalities though in all of these “things?”  

The never-ending desire to present the “Best You.”  

Not the ups AND downs, just the ups. And when we do look to maybe do a Facebook status to update our “friends.” We seem to just add the beauties. The picture-perfect version of how something is in your life, we show gratitude, maybe even add a filter to “make it look better.”  

Not our faults to be conditioned to do that, kind of comes along the lines of how wanted our “reputations” in school to be, good.  

You see photos of families going on vacation. What you didn’t see were the tears behind the smiles because someone forgot their favorite pillow. You see generous gifts being received, but you didn’t see all the years of hard work a person put in to make such a purchase, all the blood sweat and tears for a moment of a smile to be captured in one photo.  

I will leave you with this. It’s all in Perception. You make of it what you will. Never compare your life to another's either, because like I have stated “It’s only the best” that’s posted, you deserve to live your authentic self! Just because something looks good, do not mean it is good. 

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