Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: And what if we did?! Huh?

Hahaha kidding, but here's something interesting...

WalletHub also ranked Washington as having the fourth-highest percentage of millennials in the state. A 2018 study from Washington's Office of Financial Management found that 21.9% of the state population is millennials. Jun 3, 2022" The News Tribune

Here's something else rather intriguing...

Source: OFM 2018 Small Area Demographic Estimates Vintage 20190130_R03_VM
Source: OFM 2018 Small Area Demographic Estimates Vintage 20190130_R03_VM

Looks like we have beef with Gen Z... Kidding, kind of.

As a Millennial, I also wondered, how the heck do the different generations get named? Like whom comes up with this?!?

This is how apparently...

No official commission or group decides what each generation is called and when it starts and ends. Instead, different names and birth year cutoffs are proposed, and through a somewhat haphazard process a consensus slowly develops in the media and popular parlance." Jan 26, 2018, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Photo Credit: Aly/Canva
Photo Credit: Aly/Canva

No matter what generation you personally fall under, strive to live life to the fullest and the best you can.

Also remember, the "Battle of the Generations" will always exist, we all want to blame the other generation over the other. It's kind of a way of history repeating itself. Boomers not liking Gen X at first, then Boomers blaming Millennials for ruining everything, then Gen Z out of nowhere on the prowl towards all generations, Millennials in to save the day again with, "Oh ya?!"

Sorry I kind of went on a rant there, either way though, I get a kick out of the different generations.

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