Experts with the Department of Natural Resources are predicting more heavy smoke for the Wenatchee Valley. 

But it may not last as long as originally expected. 

DNR Meteorologist Matthew Dehr previously predicted that smoke would persist until the end of October, but his forecasting has changed   

"That eight-to-14-day window that we're looking at does appear better for Washington with a pattern shift coming, and hopefully some pretty good rains with that," said Dehr. "That's what it looks like right now." 

Changing winds from the east are expected to clear out the air this weekend, but the smoke will return by Monday. 

Winds will be blowing smoke toward the Puget Sound during the weekend. 

With that wind change, Dehr thinks fires in the Washington Cascades could spread across more acreage and produce more smoke. 

The White River and Irving Peak fires by Lake Wenatchee as well as the Bolt Creek near Skykomish could grow in size with the wind. 

And there are some ramifications for travel on U.S. 2 this weekend with the shifting wind. 

Dehr says the highway will once again be susceptible to closures both Saturday and Sunday. 

"There's thousands of fire weakened trees," Dehr said. "And if they get significant gusts in that area, it's going to cause even more tree fall on those damaged trees. So, regardless of the fire spread, I do think that Highway 2 is probably going to have some issues this weekend."   

It's been the driest October since 1987 in Washington, and Dehr says that trend will continue until October 22. or October 23. 

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