The Dodo Bird. When I think of this extinct creature, I’m reminded of Alice in Wonderland. I didn’t even know what it actually looked like in “real life” vs. Alice in Wonderland. The dodo bird went extinct in 1662, according to Wikipedia. With that being said, for a species to be extinct since the 17th century, a team of scientists now want to bring the bird back from the crypt. Read more here . With that being said what if: 

DODO Birds Take Over Wenatchee: 

How would we feed it? What does a 17th Century bird eat?! It’s a plant eater.... right? 

What if we were sitting at Lemolo Café on the Wenatchee Ave. And all of a sudden, a dodo bird comes jaunting up to our table n snatches our food, do we just sit there stunned and day “DOH!”  (Like Homer Simpson) 

Would other bird species get along with them?! Like will we see pigeon wars or teamwork to build shelter? 

What if we are on the Columbia River and a flock of Dodo’s come at us and try to hop on our boat, they were once extinct, does this mean we just have to adapt and let em join the party?? 

Would we adopt them as pets?! I'm terrified of the beak, could do some real damage.  

What if we had em watch Alice in Wonderland... Would they recognize the cartoon version?  

These birds are the size of toddlers! How would a mother defend herself and child?! 

Do we even know if they were violent?! I mean, they seemed “stupid” in the movies!  

Would they hike with us up Saddle Rock?  

Could we be forced to change our mascots? "Eastmont Dodo's on the road with the Bellevue Murder Hornets"

Sorry, not sorry. My brain just spiraled trying to fathom what could or couldn’t happen if these Dodo Birds come back. I mean, obviously, my “what if’s” are satire, but I mean really, what if!!?? I mean we are a ways away of something like that were to happen. But the chance is never 0!  

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