With the eagerly anticipated solar eclipse just around the corner on April 8th, it's crucial to prioritize safety and responsible behavior. The excitement of witnessing such a rare celestial event should never compromise the safety of ourselves, our families, and other drivers on the road.

First and foremost, safeguard your eyes with approved eclipse glasses to prevent any harm while observing the partial eclipse.

What kind of eclipse will we see here in Washington?

Depending on where you live in the state of Washington, you'll see anywhere from a 17% to 30% eclipse of the sun that morning.

Can you wear those special eclipse glasses while driving?

I took my son to see the 2017 eclipse event in Eastern Oregon. I can tell you that when not looking at the sun - You cannot see anything.

Law Enforcement has warned the public

The Missouri Department of Transportation issued a stern reminder about maintaining full concentration while driving - especially during the April 8th event.

Driving with impaired vision, whether due to substances or distractions like eclipse glasses, poses a serious risk to everyone on the road. The idea of attempting to watch the eclipse while behind the wheel is not advised and could lead to a serious accident. Washington State Law Enforcement will pull you over if you're seen driving with those special glasses. It's not worth the potential consequences, including fines, accidents, or worse.

Pull over and enjoy the event

Chelan Fruit Employees observing the 2017 eclipse. Credit: Candi McClellan West (via Facebook)
Chelan Fruit Employees observing the 2017 eclipse. Credit: Candi McClellan West (via Facebook)

If you find yourself on the road during the eclipse -  take time to pull over safely, take off your glasses, and fully enjoy the spectacle.

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