Hello, It's me, Connor.


I am 1/3rd of the Connor and Aly Breakfast Burrito - Aly being the other third, with you - The 3s being the important last third that makes our fun morning show work.  It’s been a privilege to be here with you on KW3, since 2007. Here are my favorite places to eat, drink, and hang out in the best corner of Planet Earth.


A place to get a drink

I’ve been asked this question a few times. I tell locals and out-of-towners to go to Pybus Market's SOUTH restaurant and head upstairs to the bar. The view of the entire place with a drink in your hand is fun!

A place to take kids

Do your kids like to game or collect cards? Take them to the Time Capsule on Orondo Avenue. They even have arcade games in the back for the adults!

Dessert spot

I’ve taken my kids and their friends to ICE at Pybus. The adults and the kids LOVE the authentic Italian gelato. Need coffee? They serve the good stuff from Cafe Mella. 

Coffee shop

When I meet friends to chat and catch up, I usually go to Cafe Columbia at Pybus Market. The coffee, tea, espresso, and food are great!

Running Store

When I need a new pair of shoes - I’ll research online, then head down to Performance Footwear on Wenatchee Avenue. I like going there to try the shoes on and run around the basement. I’ll also look at other shoes I haven’t considered. They have accessories to help make hiking and running the single track more enjoyable.

Cheap eat

If I’m short on time and want a quick, cheap bite - I head over to Chipotle on Mission Street.

Hidden gem

The Shrimp and Steak Burrito at either Central Market in Quincy or Plaza Wenatchee on South Wenatchee Avenue. The same family owns both locations. I love how the two brothers who run Plaza Wenatchee and the other two brothers who run Central Market say that - Their food and location are better than the other place!

Connor & Aly - with the 3s at Quincy's Central Market

Connor & Aly - with the 3s at Quincy's Central Market

Tourist attraction

I love having a date with my wife and bringing a book up to Ohme Gardens. The atmosphere and the view of the Wenatchee Valley are tough to beat. We’re so lucky to have this great place - to reset and relax. They'll open again on April 15th. 

A place to kill time

The Wenatchee Loop Trail combines getting a walk-in while catching up with a friend. Or it's a great place to walk alone and hit the reset button and think.

Way to get inspired

I usually problem-solve and get inspired, while trail running on a local Wenatchee trail. New to town and want some trail options? I wrote about that here.


La Vie En Coffee Bar and Bakery on Wenatchee offers great pastries and a great location.

East Wenatchee spot 

Mai Lee Thai always comes correct with great food!

Date night 

Atlas Fare in Historic Downtown Wenatchee  We’re fortunate to have a place that rivals the big city locations. We have that quality right here on Wenatchee Avenue. Before going to a show, a great place to grab a drink at the bar.

Place to celebrate

A festive place to celebrate for my family is La Fuente Mexican Restaurant on Mission Street. The food, the drinks, and the people are great! If you see me there, we're probably celebrating a birthday!

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