Ok, I will totally admit, I will only be watching the Super Bowl because, Taylor Swift.

"Wait, she's performing right?

It's Usher for the halftime show?

Can we replace Usher with Taylor Swift?

But... Travis Kelce... It would be Perfect! " - Conversation with, well myself.

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
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Hold on a second! I don't even have the right services to watch the Super Bowl at home (slapping my palm to my forehead)

That's ok though!

I did the heavy work for you and I to still catch the Taylor Swift, I mean Super Bowl.

9 Places to catch the Super Bowl in Wenatchee

Don't have a TV? Maybe you don't have internet, or you simply just don't want to purchase another streaming service to watch the Super Bowl on. That's okay, Wenatchee provides some really comfy seats and they are waiting for you.

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Cool, now, what snacks are we going to have? My mouth is already salivating with the different appetizer options. And while each one of the restaurants above have different options to choose from, maybe choose your destination based on what your tastebuds are craving.

These are Idaho's favorites, what do you think Washington's favorites are? What are your favorites?

Idaho's 10 Favorite Super Bowl Snacks

According to Gambling.com, these are Idaho's favorite Super Bowl Snacks.

To collect this data, we used Google Trends data based on the top votes for each state. This allowed us to rank the most popular snacks and dips in each state. All data is correct as of 01/16/2024.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

No matter what you eat or where you go to watch Taylor Swift

(I'm not even going to beat around the bush at this point, we know why we are watching. Dads all around the States are just glad they have their daughter to watch the Big Game with.)

ENJOY. Take this time to laugh, cheer on your favorite team pick, take guess on how many times Taylor Swift makes it on the big screen, take your guess on how many touchdowns there will or will not be.

"Taylor Swift is gunna kill it...

I know Usher is performing! Jeez, I'm just saying...

Fine, I'll stop." Again, conversations with myself.

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