Why does it seem like when you don't need to go to a gas station, you see them everywhere, but when you need one, you have to go all over? Maybe I shouldn't wait so long to go to the gas pump. Afterall, there are over 64,000 gas stations in the United States (source).

What about for Washington State though? Where are we most likely to spend out hard earned dollars at? Seem's Like Shell or 7/11 may be good contenders. Let's check it out!


Chevron is the leading Gas Station in Washington State. A whole 427 stations to fuel up at, grab snack and hit the road again.

Not too far behind Chevron is the Shell Station. 394 stations.

I tend to stop at Shell stations based on convenience.

10 Largest gas stations in Washington in 2023 Based on Locations | ScrapeHero

How does Washington stack up against the United States?


Looks like Chevron has a hold of Washington State compared to the rest of the states. While Shell is at the top, I was shocked to see Exxon right up there behind them.

10 Largest gas stations in the United States in 2023 | ScrapeHero

Does this mean we have decent Gas prices? I'm sorry but that isn't how this works. And as a WA state citizen, my mouth dropped when I looked up, "Which State has the highest gas prices?"

"This state takes the number one spot for the most expensive gasoline in the U.S. In Washington, the price for regular gasoline is $4.93 per gallon. Mid-grade gasoline is a bit more expensive at $5.15 per gallon while premium gas costs $5.36 per gallon. The price for diesel is a bit closer to the price of regular gasoline at $4.94 per gallon. Although Washington is known for its mountainous landscapes, those scenic drives are costing a pretty penny in the state." (Source) .

It's Washington! *Insert crying face here.

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