Good People Doing Good Things at Wenatchee’s Pybus Market 

Pybus Market is one of the great attractions in the Wenatchee Valley.

From the shops to the restaurants and the couple of meeting/convention rooms in the back. We also love the Farmers Market. We can't forget the good kind people who work the info desk.

A year ago, the nice man working the info desk asked if I had any kids. I told him about my young son and he said: "Have him hold out his hand and ask, are you ready for some big money?"

"Then hand him this."

He then hands me a large oversized fake dollar bill on blue construction paper. 

I laughed out loud. 

So did my son, when I presented him his “Big Money!”

Flash forward to this past weekend, when Allie Gundersen was visiting Pybus Market with her two daughters. I’ll let Allie explain the rest.

Last weekend my girls and I were at Pybus and looking at the book cart

'mini library'.

We were approached by a Pybus Volunteer who asked my girls if they enjoyed reading and if they knew what bookworms ate!=

This made them giggle.

He then handed them a cute little knitted bookworm! They were so excited to receive this cute little gift! Such a kind gesture.

-Allie Gundersen.

We’re blessed to have kind and fun people working at Pybus. Thanks to Allie and all the good people at for sharing good stories of good people doing good things in our community!

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