Recently, the Wenatchee Only7Seconds crew visited the residents of Heritage Haven and delivered "Positive Pumpkins.”

Abbie Gundersen and the only7seconds crew at Heritage Haven CREDIT:
Abbie Gundersen and the only7seconds crew at Heritage Haven CREDIT:

Every November my only 7 seconds teammates and I spread the message of love, hope 8 connections through pumpkins! As we were placing pumpkins on doorsteps I was able to speak to several residents who were wondering what we were doing. I heard a lot of "Thank you so much for doing this, there are a lot of widows in our community who feel lonely." Sometimes I feel that older generations often feel forgotten or that they aren't of value anymore. I hope that they felt differently today and that receiving a 'positive pumpkin' brightened their day.' - Abbie Gundersen and Only7Seconds 

Huge thanks to for sharing the kind works of Only7Seconds

My mother is a senior - who lives alone. I found some great tips for myself that I'm passing along to you and your family. 

Me with my daughter and Mom, visiting Voula's Offshore Diner in Seattle
With my daughter and Mom, I visited Voula's Offshore Diner in Seattle

Tips and links to ideas to care for the beloved senior in your life.

Reasons Why Reminiscing Can Benefit Seniors

Reliving holiday traditions and playing music that is special to them are just a couple of ways to help the seniors in your life feel connected and keep up their self-esteem. Click this link to find more ways to connect with them through reminiscing. 

Home Safety for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

If your friend or family member is showing signs of Dementia or Alzheimer's - there are important things you should know - and how you can talk with them. Click this link to learn how to love through this difficult stage of life. 

Help your Senior avoid getting scammed and what to do if they have fallen for a scam. 

It happens. Seniors fall prey to easy fraudulent criminals. Here’s a link with great tips to help your family avoid scams - and what to do if it's already happened. 


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