The Hama Hama Oyster Saloon is the ultimate outdoor restaurant for tasting locally raised shellfish.

After reading about it - seeing the pics and the enthusiastic endorsements on Tripadvisor - I need to hop on a ferry and find this place on the banks of Hood Canal.


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A big part of enjoying my food at a restaurant is its setting. What I'm looking at - listening to and what smells do I experience as I eat and visit.

Have you ever been to an outdoor eatery - that encourages you to dress for the Winter elements?


-PHOTO CREDIT: King 5 Seattle (YouTube)


This unique restaurant is on the Western shore (The Olympic Mountains side) of Hood Canal - in a town called Lilliwaup.


-PHOTO CREDIT: Washington Grown (YouTube)


The Hama Hama Oyster Saloon was recently named one of the “Best Restaurants in Washington State” by Seattle Met magazine


Hama Hama Oyster Company is a fifth generation family-run shellfish farm on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.


Hama Hama Oyster Saloon is open to the public, three days a week - Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 

They highly encourage online reservations for their limited Winter operating hours of 11am to 4pm.

Some people try and chance getting a table as a walk in - this could result in a wait of 45 to 60 minutes.


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Reservations for the three available days are made online - Every Monday, starting at 9am. The fee for reserving a table (protected by a small weathered A-frame shelter - complete with a heating lamp above your table) is $75. The fee includes your reserved table and two dozen oysters - usually one dozen raw and one dozen grilled. You can let your host know, when you show up how you’d like your two dozen oysters.


KING 5 Seattle (YouTube)

PHOTO CREDIT: KING 5 Seattle (YouTube)


They have other food items including clams, grilled salmon, TIllamook grilled cheese sandwiches, crab cake, white bean and smoked pork soup and more. Full Menu.. Gluten free and dairy free menu items are also available. Looking through the feedback on Tripadvisor - I see that they have a good selection of wine and beer. 


Hama Hama Oyster Saloon 

35846 N. US HWY 101

Lilliwaup, WA 98555                

Phone: (360) 877-5811


-PHOTO CREDIT: Washington Grown (YouTube)

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