I recently went out to dinner and decided to try a new spot! Now I stopped here because I had heard via a Facebook group I am a part of and the person gave this spot a rave review, and I thought, "Well, I have been wanting to stop in there..." Holy Lord am I glad I stopped!

My Honest Review of Pollo Alegre Mexican Grill located on the Wenatchee Ave here in Wenatchee.

Pollo Alegre Via Facebook./ Aly/Canva
Pollo Alegre Via Facebook./ Aly/Canva

First of all, you may recognize this building. It was once home to Alma's Kitchen and a slew of other restaurants.

I had the Shredded Beef Chimichanga with Rice and Beans

The shredded beef was marinated and seasoned perfectly.

I'm talking, juicy, pull apart goodness. I am usually more of a toppings and tortilla sort of gal and the meat is just a bonus but this dish, I had to eat all the beef, otherwise I would of felt like I was leaving gold on the plate.

Prompt Service

Not only were my date and I sat within the first 5 seconds of walking in the door but we were greeted with Smiles, chips, salsa, beans and a "sure thing, I'll be right back!" once our drink orders were received.

You could HEAR other's excitement.

If I thought the rave review on Facebook was something to look into, no it was the actual customers sitting around us, happy smiles, full belly's and you could hear them saying the wait staff, "Oh my gosh, the chicken was divine!" or "I really loved my meal! I'll be back!" That tell you, you came to the right spot.

Taco Tuesdays

Yes, they have a Taco Tuesday special, and I'll definitely be going!

Pollo Alegre Via Facebook/ Aly/ Canva
Pollo Alegre Via Facebook/ Aly/ Canva

Let's not just take my word for it, try for yourself! This is NOT just another typical Mexican Restaurant in Wenatchee WA; this is superior and such a gem to have in the Valley.


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