The state of Washington is known around the world for its quality coffee - and for people who demand the best.

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I’m a self-professed coffee snob. I’ll try about any kind of coffee or espresso. I’m tolerant of getting coffee at restaurants or coffee shops, but want only the best for my home French press and espresso machine. 

Which Coffee Brands in America did not rank well?

A website called 24/7 Wall St. unveiled the six worst coffee brands in America.

You can find all six here in the state of Washington. 

#6 Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature Brand Coffee
Credit Salty Peanut Store via Facebook

I recently wrote about Kirkland Signature - the in-house brand of Costco. Sometimes, Costco shares who made the Kirkland Signature product. Its Kirkland brand Craft beer is produced - on the West Coast, by Hopfen Und Malz Brewing (another report says it's brewed by Gordon Biersch) in San Jose. The Kirkland Signature coffee won’t share where its o coffee is sourced which leads many to place it here in the six most disliked coffee brands. I suspect that it is produced by Starbucks.

#5 Nescafe

Credit Nescafe via Facebook

Nescafé doesn’t offer organic certified coffees and emphasizes instant and ground coffee. These are why it's in the bottom five.

#4 Yuban

Yuban Coffee
Credit Yuban Coffee via Facebook

Yuban bragged about its Colombian beans for decades. Now they source from unspecified Latin American regions. Customers have spoken about its big dip in quality.

#3 Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Credit Green Mountain Coffee Roasters via Facebook

Starting as an independent company with high-quality ingredients. It took a corporate shift - and like Yuban, has received poor feedback.

#2 Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee logo
Credit Death Wish Coffee via Facebook

Known for its extremely high caffeine content & not being transparent with where its gets its beans.

#1 Folgers

Folgers coffee
Credit Folgers via Facebook

Folgers lacks organic options, The absence of sustainability certifications also rubs a portion of the coffee consumers the wrong way.

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