First things first

Do you know what Aphrodisiac means? let us help.

"An aphrodisiac is a substance alleged to increase libido, sexual desire, sexual attraction, sexual pleasure, or sexual behavior" - Source

Okay, now that we have that established...

Oyster hunting in Washington is super popular and important.

Just read the quote below I found,

"Oysters have long been important to coastal communities. Here in Washington, there once were abundant oysters in the shallow bays and estuaries of Puget Sound and Willapa Bay. These were the Olympia oyster, the only oyster native to Washington—in fact, the only one native to the West coast of North America." - Source

See, I told you.


Are Oysters an Aphrodisiac?

"While they may contain nutrients, such as zinc, that play a role in sexual function, consuming oysters are unlikely to specifically influence a person’s sex drive." - Source

Ok, so that's a "no" technically. Fine.

So then no, Washington Residents don't know something that the rest of the world doesn't...


What are some proven aphrodisiac foods?

10 Aphrodisiac Foods

Your prime-time list to get you "in the mood," to smile, you know. Right?

Gallery Credit: Aly

Yes, I searched that list on the great interweb to bring to you. Very valuable knowledge for *cough* me *cough* us!

Learn why those foods are an aphrodisiac here. There are some really good recipes to try as well! Like a pomegranate cocktail! Yum!

You know, self-care is also a "booster"! Try these calming methods below!

Self-Care for Anytime and Anyone.

Take a deep breath and know you are ok, you are here and you have some really cool ideas ahead to try, and remember for the next "self-care" day.

Gallery Credit: Aly

Now go to the grocery store (if you see me in there, don't ask questions and I'll tell no lies.) Buy your foods for, you know, dinner. Practice self-care and Self-care. Ok, I will see myself out now. Okay, love you, bye.


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