Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, and had like a craving for something? Maybe you're feeling like you need another bite of cake, or make even some eggs, I don’t know, I’m super weird when it comes to those moments. I have even just gotten out of bed and grabbed a spoon full of peanut butter and then went back to bed. We do weird things as humans, to even wake up and be ready to stuff our mouths with food is a little odd but seems like a ton of us do it. Below are local places that are good for a late-night craving, leftovers or a drive, I gotchu! 


Yummy leftovers to reheat from places like; 

Sumo: For real, not just food. The to-go containers they give you after you’ve ate, are perfect for the microwave! Heat the meal back up and pretend your back at the restaurant having Sake given to you out of a squirt bottle.  

Spring Lotus: Their pad thai reheated is bomb! (make sure to get an extra side of peanut sauce.)


Feeling like a late drive to get some food? 

Drive-Thru's are always what come to mind when I think... “Hmm, I can’t sleep, maybe I’ll take a drive.” 

Going to places like McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Wendy’s. But what about... 

El Rinconsito: Let me just say this about them. Open late, like 3am late and welcomes dine-in. Yummy tacos at 1am?! Sign me up! 

Denny’s: Moons Over My Hammy, that’s it, that’s the order. Thank me later.  

YAY! Now we have even more ideas for our hungry bellies when we have a craving at stupid o’clock in the morning. You could take a drive to get something good, or you’ve brought home some bomb leftovers, happy eating and sweat dreams 😊. 

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