Gas Station food. When you hear those words out loud, you might cringe, roll your eyes or even make a stink face. Or if you are like me... You kind of perk up a bit and start thinking off all the options to choose from. Now, before you get to thinking I adore gas station food, I just love the grab and go, and a good snack while I drive. Obviously, there’s not many health benefits from snack that are grab and go, but I’m not writing about health, I’m writing about convenience. 

Aly’s go-to gas station food, grabs! 

Chester Chicken – Oh my lord, so good and you can find Chesters Chicken right inside the store within the “hot case” Plus they have really yummy dipping sauces.  

Corn Nuts – Not just any corn nuts, the ranch flavor! Omg so crunchy, finger lickin good! Plus they keep you awake while driving cause you can’t stop eating them.  

Beef and Bean Burritos – Add some salsa packets, mmm I don’t know why but whenever I’m *cough* sick, they always seem to help. 

Crispitos- I do not exactly know what they are other than being logs of gooey amazingness. 

Gardetto’s - This “trail mix” of salty season goodness, just hits the spot sometimes. Those little rye crackers too... MMMMmmm I will pick through the bag for those! 

Trail Mix – Really any style, I love a good trail mix with salty and sweet. It’s like a true “car ride snack” cause you can get all your fixings in one bag.  

Jerky- If you luck out and stop in at The Shell Gas Station on Easy St. in Wenatchee, you’ll find the best jerky, oh lord my mouth is already watering.  

Corn Dog – Maybe it’s a grease they are fried in, but other than a state fair, I haven’t had a better corn dog than at a gas station (I can hear you telling me to get out more, thanks lol) 

Diet Pepsi – Now this is not an ad buuuut. If you ever see me in public, I can almost guarantee you that I have a diet Pepsi either in my hand or in my suitcase of a purse.  

Candy – It's hard to pinpoint which candy, but really whatever you are in the mood for, sweet, chocolaty or fruity, you will find one that suits you.  

If you were coming to this list for at least one healthy option, I’m sorry but no.  

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