February 11th is National Make a Friend Day. You may or may not be reading this on or around Feb. 11th, but at any rate, here are the top places to meet new people in the Wenatchee Valley. Before I begin, I read a quote that has stuck out to me for years now...  ( I have no clue who said it, reach out if you do though!)

“Meet them where you have passion.” 

In other words, if you want to meet people in “your circle” of hobbies, meet them where you spend your time! Crafty? Hello hobby lobby! Snowboarder? On the hill or say in Arlberg Sports. The possibilities are endless if you are in an accepting headspace.  

Top 10 Places to Meet Friends in the Wenatchee Valley: 

Hobby Lobby- You are down an aisle that is filled with all things “your craft” or décor. Someone else is as well, start a conversation! Learn something new! 

Arlberg Sports- You need your snowboard waxed, you stay in the store, shop around, listen to people tell stories, why not tell yours? Heck you might even meet a new “run partner” for the slopes up Mission Ridge! 

Rails and Ales – Presented by Numerica Credit union. This year on the bottom of Orondo Ave. in Wenatchee. Such a cool event, a sight to be seen, beers to be had and conversation galore! March 10th! Don't miss it!  

Epoch- I have yet to visit, I hate to admit but I am for sure going to be making a day to go enjoy the games, and all-around cool place! They have Virtual Reality! How fun would that be! 

PAW Patrol Live! The Great Pirate Adventure- Town Toyota Center event on March 21st and 22nd! Sign up to score tickets on the app! 

Joes East, Joes West, Wally’s, Igloo- Yes these are bar names, and I’ll just refer back to this article for “why.” 

Watershed- It's a three-day camping experience at the Gorge Amphitheater, if you like country music, camping in the heat, fun people... Say less. Watershed is for you! 

Volunteering- It could be at the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society or even Lighthouse Ministries, meet people who you have life in common with. Helping others.  

Taco Bell Parking Lot on a Summer Friday Night- I have seen this happen since I moved to Wenatchee in 2008, why is it a thing? I’ll never know, but if that’s your thing, at least order some food hahaha.  

Hiking- It could be something you really enjoy, hit up American Shoe Shop and hang out while you browse new shoes to buy for the trails around here. You can even just start heading up a trail and see where it takes you and who you meet  

(Please leave people alone if they want to be left alone though... “Aly Said We Could Be Friends!!!! Why You Runnin From Me?!?!?” I will not be held responsible for that.)

Be yourself and always know... You got a friend in me!

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