The 2024 Thursday Night Drags at Mission Ridge with the Mission Ridge Ski Team!

Head-to-head dual GS Racing with 4-7 person teams!

This fun event allows you to gather up your racing roster and if you don't have a team, register as an individual and be placed on a team!

Skiers and Snowboarders are welcome!

Qualifying night - Thursday, Jan. 25th, 2024

Racing - February 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd @ 6:30pm

What is "Duel, GS Racing" anyway?

"Giant slalom (GS) is an alpine skiing and alpine snowboarding competitive discipline. It involves racing between sets of poles ("gates") spaced at a greater distance from each other than in slalom but less than in Super-G.

Giant slalom and slalom make up the technical events in alpine ski racing. This category separates them from the speed events of Super-G and downhill. The technical events are normally composed of two runs, held on different courses on the same ski run." Source

The 2024 Thursday Night Drags at Mission Ridge, presented by:

Mission Ridge Ski Team Logo
Mission Ridge Ski Team Logo

Register Here before Thursday Jan. 24, 2024.

Drag Nights at Mission Ridge
Drag Nights at Mission Ridge

Wanna learn more about Mission Ridge or learn to Ski/Snowboard? Click Here.

If you are like me and don't particularly like to ski or snowboard, you are still more than welcome at the mountain to enjoy the lodge! So much fun to be had for everyone at Mission Ridge!

Make memories this winter and Enjoy some Slalom Racing with friends! Gather the team and get a fun name in place!

Mission Ridge Ski Team is a 501(c)3 Non-profit here to help Athletes reach their potential.

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