Mmm, tis the season for some nice and warm Hot Chocolate! No matter which way you like it, wintertime is Hot Chocolate time and I have some really good ideas on where to enjoy your cozy comfy cup of hot chocolate.

5 Places to enjoy a cup of Hot Chocolate NCW this Weekend!

1. Mission Ridge

Why not hit the slopes and have a thrilling great time and then unwind in the lodge at Mission Ridge. The Season has just begun up on the hill, don't miss any of the excitement and enjoy that cup of hot chocolate with a little extra warmth for you.

Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort | Wenatchee, WA

2. The Leavenworth Reindeer Farm

Why not bring the whole family out for something warm to drink and really cool to see! Enjoy Leavenworth's Reindeer farm! Take pictures and leave with a memory to cherish forever!

Leavenworth's Reindeer Farm, Your New Christmas Tradition (

3. Leavenworth WA

Once you have visited the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm, head to the town of Leavenworth and experience all the Christmas Magic to be had! Washington's very own Christmas Town tucked into beautiful Leavenworth WA, what a Gem!

Leavenworth Washington

4. Pybus Public Market

Sip and shop! Why not!? Pybus is Wenatchee's very own gem and well worth a visit, especially if you are looking for unique gifts to give this holiday season! Check em out and order your Hot Chocolate!

Pybus Public Market – Where Community Meets

5. Downtown Wenatchee

Stroll along historic Downtown Wenatchee Ave and visit the multiple local small businesses! Enjoy your cup of Hot Chocolate while you briskly walk to the next store.

Wenatchee Downtown Association (

No matter where you go this weekend, don't forget, extra marshmallows and yes to the chocolate candy spoon.

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