Alright, so you want to impress your better half, I get it! And how cool! You don't have to travel too far here in Washington State to find good food either, thankfully! So, where should you go?

I think you should ask yourself first, what kind of food you are looking to experience.


Are you feeling like some fresh sushi? A tasty Bratwurst with fresh sauerkraut? The options are endless, so maybe even consider the views!

Check out the Top Rated WA State towns to dine in for your Anniversary.

Top Washington Foodie Destinations for Anniversary Dinner Dates

Be culinarily inspired by these yummy foodie towns in Washington State. From coastline to Eastern WA.

Gallery Credit: Aly



Married, dating, it's your date of love that is special to you, so celebrate with amazing food, a fun atmosphere and where you want to! Washington is full of views to take in, so maybe visit a different town per anniversary? Just a thought.

Looking for some special honeymoon destinations?

Well, would you look at that, a link to help you out with that too!

Fall In Love With WA's Best Honeymoon Spots, Reddit Approved

Where did you get married? (if you are :) ) Are you looking for a place for a reception/ Venue?

Well, looky there, ANOTHER link to help you choose that too! and all in Washington! How fun and romantic!

Have you Booked your Wedding Venue?

Love is always in the air, and however long ya'll have been together, I hope you are able to celebrate with all the love, smiles and FOOD. Cause let's be honest, if anyone gets too hungry, the rest of the trip can go south, and go south FAST! Go ahead, pick all the places to eat with your significant other and enjoy while you indulge!

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