Lock your car doors. Don't leave things in your car that makes your vehicle attractive to thieves. Things police tell vehicle owners all the time to prevent theft of things in the vehicle or the vehicle itself. Every year Yakima Police say they see an average of 500 to 700 vehicles every year.

Do you warm up your vehicle in the driveway?

Many are stolen during the winter months when owners leave vehicles running in the driveway to warm up in the cold weather. Police urge people not to leave vehicles running in a driveway. Although it's not illegal to have a vehicle running while on private property police say it's not smart and can lead to theft.

Do you own a Kia or Hyundai model from 2015 to 2019?

Those drivers who own Kia and Hyundai models are being told by some insurers they can no longer be covered because the vehicle are so vulnerable to theft. Specifically both State Farm and Progressive say they're not writing policies for Kia and Hyundai models manufactured between 2015 and 2019. The companies say the models do not have "immobilizers to prevent the vehicle from starting if a key is not present."
The decision to not insure the vehicles only applies to new policies. Current policyholders can renew insurance as necessary.

Apparently its easy to steal the vehicles

Apparently there's lot of videos on social media showing how easy it is to start the specific models with a phone charger or USB cable. The videos have lead to a rash of vehicle being stolen and taken on joy rides by kids.


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