Have you ever been to a concert where the artist you are watching, invites a special guest on stage? Special guest as in, another chart-topping artist you’d love to see perform, maybe even just a celebrity who joins the band/ artist on stage to say hello. Just recently, artist Louis Capaldi joined the group 1975 on stage in Scottland, Taylor Swift has done the same. In moments like that, it’s almost like the tickets for the concert were even better than “worth it.”  

The year is 2018, Watershed is in full swing at the Gorge, and my co-worker at the time and I were absolutely amped to see Blake Shelton hit the stage that evening for the main performance. Mind you, this is around the time that him and Gwen Stephani were dating, not even engaged yet. I told my co-worker, “giiiirl I haven’t seen Gwen post on her Instagram, how much you wanna bet she will join Blake tonight on stage?!” 

The day continues, act after act on stage in the hot summer sun, people are all around, going down the big blow-up waterslide, boots to pavement, it’s an all-out party!  Sun sets, and Blake hits the stage! Now let me be the first to tell you, if you ever get a chance to see Blake Shelton perform, literally anywhere, you will be dancing, singing and having a good ole time! Show goes off without a hitch, and as stated just above, my co-worker and I were dancing and singing. Mid way through Blake Shelton’s set, he stops to talk to the crowd. I have the gut feeling within and I “softly-ish” start slapping my co-workers arm saying “I told you! I told you!” 

“Let me bring to stage a special gal I know...” 

BOOM, music stars up to a familiar tune “Holla Back Girl” Gwen is on stage and just flat out rocking the mic. People in that venue went from “cool chill vibes” to losing their ever-loving minds!  

“Few times I been round that track...”  

If you weren’t singing along, you must have been asleep because that was the coolest thing I have ever witnessed at a show before. Not only was I pumped, but Gwen didn’t even have to sing! The crowd was doing it for her.  

I chalk that up to being one of my most favorite concert moments to date. At least surprise wise, even though I had a sneaking suspicion.  

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