Chelan-Douglas Health District (CDHD) is partnering with NCW Libraries to provide relief for those affected by wildfire smoke.

CDHD has donated portable air filters to library branch locations within the two county area in order to establish these spaces as a safe place to escape the impacts of wildfire smoke.

Kaila Brownlee, Emergency Preparedness & Response Communications Coordinator with CDHD, says residents should always pay attention to local air quality levels.

"Smoke from wildfires impacts all of us, even if we are healthy. So we want people to be watching the Washington smoke blog spot website to monitor current air qualities. They should also stay indoors when seeing air quality levels of 'Unhealthy' or worse."

Brownlee says people should also be aware of their health when wildfire smoke is present and air quality levels are diminished in their area.

"Symptoms of unhealthy air quality may include watery or dry eyes, coughing, wheezing or sinus irritation, shortness of breath, headaches, irregular heartbeat, and chest pain. If you're experiencing serious symptoms we advise you to seek medical attention immediately."

CDHD recommends always staying indoors when air quality levels are rated as "Unhealthy", "Very Unhealthy", or "Hazardous".

You can find out your locales current air quality by clicking here.

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