Police have released dramatic video footage from last week's shootout at a Moses Lake motel that left one officer and a suspect injured.

The footage, which was taken from a body camera worn by Moses Lake Police Sgt. Adam Munro, shows Munro attempting to get 37-year-old Zachary Allen Stockton to exit his room at the Motel 6 in the 2800 block of Driggs Avenue after he and Officer Todd Taylor had been called there to investigate a domestic disturbance.

During Monro's interaction with Stockton it becomes evident that Stockton is armed and Taylor then escorts a woman who had suddenly emerged from the room to safety.

After taking up a defensive position behind a vehicle in the parking lot, Munro asks Stockton to exit the room unarmed multiple times, even telling him that he has "a wife and three kids" and doesn't want to hurt him or anybody else.

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Moments later, Stockton, who can be seen in contemporaneous footage from the dash cam of Munro's police cruiser, comes out of his room wielding two handguns and proceeds to empty the clips of both in the direction of both officers.

The weapons of Munro and Taylor can also be heard being fired during the shootout and after the last round has been discharged, Munro immediately asks if Stockton has been hit, to which he replies, "yes, in the hand".

Munro then tells dispatch that Stockton is down and not in custody, and that he believes he has also been struck by a bullet.

Both Munro and Stockton were shot during the incident and each was taken to Samaritan Hospital for treatment of their wounds and later released.

Stockton is in now in jail on multiple charges, while Munro is on administrative leave while an investigation into the shooting is conducted by the Central Basin Investigative Team.

Click here to watch video footage of the shooting.

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