It probably goes without saying that noodles, in general, should be eaten and not drunken (the proper word is actually 'drank', but you get the idea ;-).

But in this crazy, upside down, and all-too-often counterintuitive world, drunken noodles are indeed an actual thing. And of course, you don't really drink them, you eat them.

So now that we know drunken noodles are an accepted inclusion within the milieu of human eats, you might be wondering what they are.

No, they're not extra long strands of linguini which have been macerated in Limoncello and topped with a vodka marinara or blocks of Top Ramen boiled in Shochu and garnished with pickled duck eggs. Nothing like that. Those are the drunken noodles you might have found in the unpublished cook books of Betty Ford and Winston Churchill.

Traditional drunken noodles, or pad kee mao as they're known in their nation of origin - Thailand, are a relatively simple dish comprised of wide rice noodles in a sauce made from soy, fish, and oyster sauces, garlic, red chilies, and sugar that are often mixed with green onion and meats like chicken or beef.

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Their drunken namesake derives from the amount of red chilies that are typically used in the recipe, which makes the noodles especially spicy. So spicy, in fact, that many who do not tolerate hot foods well would consider them peppery enough to cause intoxication.

Lovers of zesty cuisine, however, find drunken noodles a regular go-to when dining out at Asian restaurants.

Of course, there are any number of variations on the traditional recipe, but their spicy trademark can just about always be expected no matter where you might find them on a menu.

Gastronomes in the North Central Washington area can order drunken noodles at a number of restaurants, including these:

- Mai Lee Thai Restaurant - 595 Grant Road #6, East Wenatchee
- Om Cooking - 749 Riverside Drive, Wenatchee
- Spice Thai Kitchen - 628 Valley Mall Parkway, East Wenatchee
- Spring Lotus Restaurant - 1050 Springwater Avenue, Wenatchee

Before you embark on your quest to find the area's best drunken noodles, I have a quick beverage tip for you too.

While you might feel like washing down your spicy Thai with water, soda, iced tea, or something else that might make you even drunker than the noodles, I recommend milk.

That's right, milk! Exactly what any ritually-observant INDYCAR driver would choose to swill with their especially-picante meal.

Why, milk?

Because foods that are made with chili peppers contain an oil called capsaicin, which is what gives these little Mother Nature's firecrackers their heat. And while most liquids only push the capsaicin around in your mouth and throat, milk will actually coat its molecules and reduce the potency of the substance's fiery impacts.

Okay, that's it, you're all set! Now go get drunk on some tasty noodles and don't forget your milk money!

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