Where do Washington Residents visit when they feel like they've seen "all of WA?"

Do we go to Arizona with the snowbirds? No, that seems too far, we just need a nice short vacation to rejuvenate.

How about Idaho?

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Do you like shopping?

I absolutely love a great deal, what if we went on a Costco hunt?

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I know I am reaching for straws but hear me out.

Creativity is sparked when you allow yourself to open your mind. That's not some deep quote I found on the internet, that's just me speaking from experience.

I truly wish I had the source behind this quote, but I do not, so if you do know where it was heard or seen, please reach out at the bottom of the article in the feedback section.

"Don't wait for creativity to spark, just start doing."

It could mean traveling, painting or even a new hobby. Get out, explore, take those roads you haven't experienced before, meet a local from a "new to you" town.

Live life, it's not just a quote saying, it's a way of life. One that YOU choose.

Maybe you've just had it though with Washington State, that's okay too!

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I'm just here for the suggestions my friend hahaha.

Go get lost somewhere. Smell the different flowers.

most of all though

Have The Most Fun

Go back to the "illegal downloading music days" but do it legally and make a playlist, drive to the sister states.

Don't ask yourself why, ask yourself,

"Why Not?!"


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