This week, it was announced that Jeff Bezos passed Elon Musk as the world’s richest man.

Jeff has made his billions, at Amazon, a Seattle-based company that makes sure, that we the buying public, find things that we seem to need online. Amazon then ships it to our front door amazingly fast. 

What is Amazon’s secret sauce?

Jeff Bezos makes sure Amazon is constantly providing the most popular products. This simple mission, of being customer centered - is fueled by Amazon’s four guiding principles.

  • Customer obsession rather than competitor focus
  • Passion for invention
  • Commitment to operational excellence
  • Long-term thinking.
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So what is America Obsessing over this week?

The top three:

A miracle cleaning paste, the top buzzing makeup item applauded by social media influencers, and the teeth top whitening product of the moment. 

So what is this pink paste that miraculously cleans?

The Pink Stuff from Star Drops via
The Pink Stuff from Star Drops via

Its Star Drops, a “Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste” - Nicknamed the Pink Stuff.

For just $4.99 you can have it remove stains, grease, and grime. Stoves, Kitchen Floors, metal, ceramics, porcelain, marble, wood, and glass shower doors - can all be cleaned with the pink cleaning paste. It’s seemingly the most sought-after product on Amazon.


The top selling makeup product

That YouTubers, Tik Tokers are raving about

Getting some shimmer from e.l.f. via Amazon
Getting some shimmer from e.l.f. via Amazon

It's from e.l.f. - A multi stick that adds shimmer for people on the go! All for just five bucks. 


Finally - the third most popular product, is another easy to use beauty product for everyone.

Three teeth-whitening pens via Amazon
Three teeth-whitening pens via Amazon


The VieBeauti Teeth Whitening product - that gives you three easy to use teeth whitening pens for just under $15.

INFO: Amazon

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