They say the best form of advertising is word of mouth. It makes sense. You get a customer, you treat them right, they tell their friends, their friends tell their friends, so on and so on, and boom. You have your small business on the rise.

Business cards are a great way to help that word of mouth out. And heck yeah, free samples take that process even further!

Figuring out a way to put a free sample with your business card can really get people talking about your brand new entrepreneurship! Especially if it’s cocaine!

How do I know it works? I’m talking about it, and you’re reading about it, so this guy’s strategy really worked well.

Giving away “Free Samples” of cocaine attached to cards which included his name and contact information is a great idea. Not only are people talking about it nationally, but INTERNATIONALLY!

Only bad side of ALEX LEE’s business model is, IT’S COCAINE and the police recieved one of the cards.

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Calgary, Alberta police monitored and gathered evidence on 30 year-old Seyyed Amir Razavi before arresting the man on February 3rd.

Razavi is charged with a count of possession for the purpose of trafficking, three counts of possession, and two counts of trafficking a controlled substance. He’s expected to appear in court on February 26th.

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