The marketing team at Pop-Tarts deserves a raise after last night's first-ever Pop-Tarts Bowl.

No. 25 Kansas State Wildcats beat No. 18 North Carolina State Wolfpack during the college bowl game.

A giant Pop-Tart, named Strawberry, stole the show during the game.

After the game Strawberry was lowered into a giant toaster and then devoured by players.

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It held a sign that read, “Dreams really do come true,” as it descended into the depths of the toaster and reappeared, sans arms and legs, on a giant tray for players to enjoy.

“RIP in peace,” the announcer said. “Can’t wait to eat you.”

Players tore apart the giant, smiling Pop-Tart as Donna Summer and Kygo's "Hot Stuff" blasted throughout the stadium.

Kansas State also received the first-ever Pop-Tarts Bowl trophy, which sported the breakfast snacks iconic silver wrapper and has two slots that hold real Pop-Tarts.

Strawberry graced the gridiron and won over America's hearts.

Below, we rounded up some of social media's reactions to the giant smiling snack.

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