The Pacific Northwest has a variety of different climates and geography to offer. you. The wild beaches of the Pacific Ocean, with adjacent rainforest - to the rugged coastal mountains. The majestic volcanos of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, and the recently active Mt. St. Helens all sit on the throne - high up in the mighty Cascade Mountain range. On the eastern slope of the Cascades, a very different dry ecosystem provides farmers with fields that produce for the nation and the rest of the planet.  

Consider visiting the North Cascades

The North Cascades National Park has been nicknamed the Alps of North America. 

The website, named its 15 best lake beaches in America. One lake from Washington - Lake Chelan made the cut!

Tens of thousands come here every summer.

Lake Chelan is only 3 hours from the Seattle metro area. Puget Sound residents make the trek to Chelan. Visitors get to play in its 300-plus days of bright sunshine - year round. The region’s tourism website says Lake Chelan gives you access to just over 50 miles of lakeshore to explore from hiking trails to its popular vineyards. You can find a quaint winery, coffee shop, or quality locally-owned restaurant. If you want to escape to world-class mountains and hiking - the choices seem endless.

My favorite places to visit are both of the two Lake Chelan State Parks

Lake Chelan State Park

Lake Chelan
Lake Chelan State Park via Facebook

This park offers moorage for your boat, waterski, or standup paddle board. Their sandy beach is great for swimming or sunbathing. After a day in the sun, go back to the campsite and make memories with your family.

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Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park

Lake Chelan
Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park CREDIT Shiney Tran via Facebook

This state park leans a bit more into "the wild." You are further up the lake - situated on the shores of the deepest section of Lake Chelan.


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