I got curious while scrolling TripAdvisor. It's awesome at showing us what to do around different states and destinations, best reviewed places and what others have to say about their stays or experiences. So, I did a thing...

First, I filtered my Search to Washington State Attractions

Second, I put another two filters on: "Top Rated" & "Free Entry."

But then I didn't just go to the first recommended option, I scrolled down to the very LAST option, and was pleasantly surprised!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

Great Northern & Cascade Railway

How cute and fun! Learn about our Railway systems and history!

Great Northern & Cascade Railway

Operating Hours: 

Running Season First weekend of May through the Last weekend in October

Located in Skykomish WA, here's what TripAdvisor Reviewers had to say. -

'This museum was very fun. A very nice surprise. Lovely docents were very knowledgeable and had their dog ride the train. Wonderful bathroom break on the way over the Cascades, with a good dose of history."

"Set right near the BNSF mainline, is a marvelous miniature railroad powered by steam & diesel model locomotives. The landscaping is beautiful & the area is clean with shelter & picnic tables. Parking is right at the historic Great Northern depot which serves as a museum & gift shop."

Great Northern & Cascade Railway (Skykomish) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (tripadvisor.com)

Just a helpful reminder... Last is not always Least.

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