Yes, I have seen the Space needle of Seattle WA, yes, I have seen just about everything Washington State has to offer. Ok that's a stretch, I have seen a ton of attractions Washington state has to offer. But while Scrolling Trip Advisor to check out more thing to do, I came across #56. Trip Advisor's 56th Attraction to check out in Washington State is... Morbid.

Bruce Lee's Gravesite. 

Yes, Hollywood Actor and Jeet Kune Do founder, Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee, born November 27th, 1940, in San Francisco California, later passing away on July 20th, 1973. Where his family laid him to rest at the Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, Washington.

It should also be noted, this is the site where Brandon Lee (son) was buried as well.

So, what are people saying about this "Attraction"? Would it be easier to remember the legend from his works of art, or is there a thrill to the gravesite as well?


"My husband loves Kung fu movies, so when I surprised him with a visit here during our vacation, he was thrilled. A few cars were near the gravestone, so we knew that must be the spot. It was simple, but perfect." - Trip Advisor Reviewer

"A must see for any Bruce Lee fan. We left some flowers for both Bruce and his son; the site is really easy to find at the top of a hill." - Trip Advisor Reviewer

"Take your time to look at the other graves in this cemetery. Respect the fact that other people have died and been buried and don't dismiss them just to rush to see the Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee graves.
Don't step over other graves - stay on the road that goes uphill from the main entrance, it bends to the left and up and you will see a path with railings - this is specific for the Bruce/Brandon Lee so people don't disturb other graves.
Don't be one of those people that stands there and poses/smiles away getting pictures of their grave stones - that's just sad and selfish and very disrespectful.
You probably won't be here for long, but you can say you've seen it and scratch it off your list!!!" - Trip Advisor Reviewer


With respect in mind, if you do wish to visit, please be mindful of the other gravesites on location and mind your manners. While this is a perfect calming place to send well wishes to your favorite movie star, it's also where people are sending their love to their loved ones.


Bruce Lee Grave Site, Seattle (

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