Jobs, we need them, don't always love them, but we need them.

Are you happy with where you work? I hope so and if not, please do yourself a favor and find what speaks to your soul!

Think about it: We spend most of our days at our place of business, if we aren't doing what makes us even slightly happy, we in turn are really wasting our time.

But, the Job market can be a bit fishy to navigate. How do you know where to look? What to look for? Well, Linked-in has come to help.

Seattle Jobs on the Rise (2024)

In its annual “Jobs on the Rise” report, LinkedIn provided a laser focus on the job trends in Seattle, Washington. The list was compiled by looking at unique LinkedIn data for professionals in the greater Seattle area, calculating a growth rate for each job title over the past 5 years. Here’s what LinkedIn projects in terms of job growth for 2024. 

Gallery Credit: Jaime Skelton

Do you feel you can breathe a bit better?

Did you find something on that list that sings to your soul? Did you just get inspired to pick up and move to Seattle?

If this does inspire you to move to Seattle, here are some fun facts to know!

The Space Needle in Seattle was originally sketched on a napkin. (Source)

Seattle has an entire wall filled with used gum. (Source)

Seattle is (allegedly) home to the world’s first gas station (Source)


I love Seattle, not so much that I would move there, I don't think. BUT. The history surrounding Seattle and the sounds are enough to get me to stay for an extended period of time!

MoPOP is my all time favorite place to visit.

Your one stop Music/ Arts museum. One of a kind and holds some really cool items from Music history!

Welp, now you know what jobs are on the rise, Seattle is where it's happening and maybe it's time for a new career path for you, or a better living option to expand what you already have!

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