Link Transit routes will be altered during the next two Saturdays because of the Apple Blossom parades in Wenatchee.  

Routes have been adjusted to avoid the path of the parades, but still allow riders to get to and from the main areas of activity as easily as possible. 

Link Transit Marketing Coordinator Eric West says routes have to move over to streets next to the Columbia River. 

"Because a lot of our routes go up and cross Wenatchee Avenue, or Orondo Avenue, there on Mission (Street) and Chelan (Avenue), we can't cross Orondo," said West. "So, we have to bring them down Piere Street off of Ninth (Street), and then onto Worthen (Street) and Riverfront Drive, a bit out of the way." 

The transit says the re-routed buses will run as close to a regular schedule as possible. 

One source of delays would be trains coming through on tracks most buses will have to cross on Ninth Street. 

Image of Apple Blossom Parade routes from Link Transit
Image of Apple Blossom Parade routes from Link Transit

West says routes will revert back to normal operations this Saturday after the Apple Blossom Youth Parade. 

 "The Youth Parade Day, I think 3:30pm is when we figure we can kind of get things back to normal," West said. "And so, people can kind of expect their route to be somewhat normal by 3:30 on that day. The Grand Parade Day, it's typically an all-day reroute." 

 Route 5 will not operate either day but there will be a shuttle from the Columbia Station bus depot to Memorial Park by way of Worthen, Ninth and Chelan Streets.  

Routes 21 and 22 will travel from Columbia Station to Olds Station by way of Sunset Highway in East Wenatchee, and and will not serve any bus stops in the Olds Station area because of the roundabout road construction in the area. 

Route 28 will serve Olds Station on both days. 

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