Music in my opinion is one of the most universal languages, even if it's "just" a melody, music has a way of making us all feel. What's really fun about music is when your hometown or home state is written or sang about. Makes you think, "Yup, that's spot on," or "Whoa, I never thought of it that way!" You'd be surprised how many songs alone are written about Seattle WA (76 songs officially released) But Washington State is way more than just Seattle right?


Let's take a dive into the songs based on Washington State:

Belltown Ramble - Robyn Hitchcock:

A strumming along type sound with the hauntingly cool vocals of Robyn

I Love Seattle - Tacocat:

I'm super obsessed with KEXP performances. A legendary spot for musicians to play for.

Posse's On Broadway - Sir-Mix-A-Lot:

Sir-Mix-A-Lot himself boasts about Seattle and was even on Seattle Radio.

 Sunny in Seattle - Blake Shelton:

I honestly had no idea Blake sang about Seattle, so this surprised me to have on the list.

Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle - Nirvana:

You know we had to put Nirvana on the list!

Walk Don't Run - The Ventures: 

I love that we get to see the "old" version...

My Oh My - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis:

I am most familiar with this song on the list of many, and Macklemore is right there with Sir-Mix-A-Lot when it comes to loving Washington State.

Black Ball Ferry Line - Bing Crosby: 

I can see my nana singing this song while she made dinner.

This Place Is A Prison - The Postal Service:

Love the sound of this song but starts off making me think of the days I'd ride in my car thinking my stereo sounded amazing...

Dark Moon - Bonnie Guitar:

This classic has been redone by the likes of Elvis Presley, and Patsy Riggir but none like that of Bonnie Guitar.

The Shadow Of Seattle - Marcy Playground: 

Just the album cover tells you this is 1997 and this is post Nirvana.

Waitsburg - Bob Frank:

This song is based on the Washington town of Waitsburg. Where Bob Frank was raised!


So, there you have (some) songs of Washington State! Listen, enjoy and reflect.

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