It's hard to believe that Kurt Cobain would actually know what today was 30yrs ago. Did he know it would leave such a lasting impression for the world, for Seattle, for Nirvana fans? I'd like to think Kurt had no idea, and that he wanted to continue performing. But we sadly know that that isn't the case for Kurt Cobain, the troubled, derepressed, expressive soul.

On This Day in Washington State History: Nirvana Performed their final performance in Seattle WA.

30 years ago today, Nirvana played in Seattle for the final time (1994)
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January 8th, 1994. Seattle Center Arena. One redditor remembers:

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One 3 short months later would Kurt Cobain commit suicide. Leaving behind his beautiful daughter Fances Bean Cobain and Wife Courtney Love as well as all of his adoring fans.

I have always had a special place in my heart for Nirvana. I was born in Renton WA in 1989 to my mother who was just 18 years old at the time. So, you can imagine her love for music, me and the Seattle music scene of the 1990's. Unmatched level of Grunge, Seattle Sound and rain.

Have you gone to MoPop? It's a super cool museum in downtown Seattle, right next to the Space Needle. A must for everytime I am visiting! I hightly reccomend checking out the Nirvana Museum Exhibit (see below)

Nirvana Museum Exhibit: Taking Punk To The Masses | Seattle WA (

Want to listen to the last Seattle Performance of Nirvana?

It's as if you can just close your eyes and picture yourself being in the audience.

If you or anyone you know suffers from depression or dark thoughts, please dial 988.

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