One of the many favorite things about living in Washington State is, you can drive by people, shoot up a wave and smile and receive one back. Especially if you drive a truck and are on one of the dirt roads.

Is Washington State a friendly state to live in?

Yes! In fact,

Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood emerged as friendliest. Source

Where is Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood?

"Magnolia is bounded on the north by Salmon Bay and Shilshole Bay of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, across which is Ballard; on the west by Puget Sound and Elliott Bay; on the south by Elliott Bay and Smith Cove; and on the east by the BNSF Railway and the Port of Seattle's Terminal 91, beyond which is Interbay." -Source


Where do the other states and their cities land on the "Friendliest Cities"?

"Neighborhoods in coastal states made the top 10: Mount Tabor in Portland, Oregon, (7), and two San Diego neighborhoods — Rancho Bernardo (4) and Rancho Penasquitos (9)." Source


What are the qualifications to making the "Friendly Towns" list?

For each neighborhood, they analyzed businesses in ten categories:

  • Banks
  • Bars and pubs
  • Beauty salons
  • Car-repair shops
  • Coffee shops
  • Convenience stores
  • Dry cleaners
  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Post offices (Source)

#4 For America's friendliest business is another WA State Favorite!

Starbucks! (Source)

Meaning, 11.6% of people added the word "Friendly" to their reviews. Way to go Starbucks!

My personal thoughts:

Yes, Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood may be the friendliest, but you come on over to the East side of the mountains in WA and experience the slower pace of dry side of the state. Back roads, small towns, boutiques, locally owned companies, small schools, and perfect sunsets. Thats the friendlies to me!

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