New Year Resolutions... Man, seems like every year, I try to do a resolution I can “keep” and stick to. But it never fails, I either slip back into what I always do, or I just don’t start it.  

Seems like “going to the gym,” was one of those for me other the years, or “eating better” is another one for sure! But like, why do we set ourselves up for such things, just to make ourselves feel bad or guilty for not following through? 

This is why this year, for me at least, I refuse to me a resolution. First of all, do you know how many definitions there are for the word “Resolution?” 6! That’s 6 different ways to simply put “resolve.” This year, I don’t feel I need to “resolve” anything, I just need to keep pushing forward and doing what makes me happy and my little girl happy. Also, if I went back on my “resolve,” I would turn the “r” word into a different one. “Resentment.” I would be so mad at myself for not following through that I would in turn have negative feelings on to what I “messed up on.”  

Rather than setting myself up for “failure,” or “resentment.” I choose to lead my 2023 like an open, unwritten book. Cause that is really what we have in front of us. We know the general layout of the book, the months could be chapters, and seasons help shape the outline of activities, and the friends and family help the plot. So be your own Lead character of your 2023, and don’t let yourself get stuck with the idea that, if you don’t stick to your resolution, you failed. Live and let live!  

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