16 Year Old Niece of Brandi Carlile Developing Her Music Career

Her name is Caroline Carlile. I first learned of this talented 16 year old from Curlew, Washington - last winter. One of her online teachers asked me how someone could break into the radio industry.

"Who do you know that wants to get into radio?"

She replied, that it was one of her high school students. I Came to find out, her dad is a brother to renowned singer songwriter, Brandi Carlile. Once I found out about SmallTown Strings, I listened to their songs on Spotify. These song's, found below, got a fair bit of airplay in my Wenatchee home.

Last summer, Caroline did a video interview with KREM 2 Spokane. She told KREM that Aunt Brandi was generous enough to invite her on-stage.

The reception, even from the first few times that Caroline sang to Aunt Brandi's loyal fanbase, was magic.

Growing up in the musical home of Jay and Tia Carlile, music has always been in all her life. At age 12 she formed SmallTown Strings with younger brother JayJ and her friends Aurora and Hannah.

Today, Caroline Carlile plays banjo, guitar, and piano, records and produces SmallTown Springs songs. She is already producing music for other artists. JayJ, her younger 13 year old brother, plays guitar and about any other instrument.

One of the great perks of being enrolled in an online school, is it gives the flexibility to to travel and tour.

To join the band's mailing list and to learn where to catch them, live in concert, check out their website: SmallTownStrings.com

INFO: KREM 2 News, Smalltownstrings.com

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