Do You Remember Lois’s Drive-In? 

We've all seen the old closed down hamburger drive-in when driving through Orondo on Highway 2.

Its now an aging white concrete structure with the iconic red and blue stripes - that someone kindly repainted a few years ago.

A few months ago, Scott Renfrew posted a picture of it Wenatchee Valley History Facebook group.

I'm glad he did - I've always wondered what the history was with Lois's Drive-In. It was an establishment that served tasty burgers, fries, ice-cream and milkshakes. The comments all seem to suggest it was open in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Back in the 2000s, The Wenatchee World wrote about Orondo - and mentioned that Lois's Drive-in was originally an Orondo Post Office, built in the 1940s.

It was built as a replacement to the previous post office that burned down. It makes sense that they built it primarily of concrete/cinder blocks - to prevent losing another post office to fire.

The Wenatchee Valley History group on Facebook discussed this iconic place - that still sits and watches us drive by.

"Pretty sure it was the Orondo Post Office first. "- Susan Boeggeman

"My step-dad (John HD Smith) was the postmaster there for many years

"We attended the 100th anniversary of Orondo." - Shirley Kinney-White

Did Lois shut down the drive-in restaurant to go back into education?

"I do believe Lois is still around! Never heard why it shut down. Think she went teaching." - Tom Lorz

"Lois Davies was the Superintendent in Pateros. I believe the drive-in was named for Lois Dewhurst." - Sally Ryan

"you are correct." - Kristine Harding Gray

"Her name is Lois Dewhurst. I grew up with her kids. I believe they moved to Oklahoma where her husband was from. I’m positive she was never a teacher or principal. I remember her fried egg sandwich had mustard pickles and onion. Good stuff! " - Kevin Wood

"I remember a Ben Dewhurst around Waterville. Same people?" - Sam Lassiter

"Yes, he was Lois’s Husband." - Kevin Wood

The many memories of stopping by Lois's Drive-in

"They had milk and bread there too. There wasn’t a grocery store in Orondo when we lived there in the early eighties. My girls called it Lois’s Driveway when they were little." - Rick Verstrate

Lois's Drive-In in watercolor CREDIT: Jeff Holter (via Facebook)
Lois's Drive-In in watercolor CREDIT: Jeff Holter (via Facebook)

Grammar lessons - Should it be Lois's or Lois'?

"Should have been spelled out as Lois' not "Lois's" - Michael J Izak

"Since it was their business I believe they could call it what they wanted to. "- Keith Holmquist

"Lois's'"is correct grammar. The apostrophe without an 's' following is only used in a plural." - Mark Sharley

What years was Lois's Drive-In open?

"It was open in the late 70s and early 80s" - GC HaneyValentine

"June of 85 going to Waterville the place was already closed" - Alex Garcia

"Someone should open it up again" - Tracy Walton

"We would love to but heard it wasn't available." - Sher Smith Knight


INFO: Wenatchee Valley History (Facebook Group), Wenatchee World

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