February is the "Month of Love," but February is almost over, let us not forget to treat ourselves, every month!


Love also means Loving Yourself, Treating Yourself and Being Yourself.

In order to love someone else, you have to love yourself, otherwise you'll settle for what your head tells you in the low moments. That my friend is not ok. What is, ok? Finding and being you!


How do we find ourselves though?

Besides therapy and other doctor related ideas (that are way above my pay scale), I've come up with a nice little list of things you can do ANYWHERE, and at ANYTIME. I know it seems as if I'm screaming, but there is a real person behind this keyboard and these ideas/ methods come from experience.

Self-Care for Anytime and Anyone.

Take a deep breath and know you are ok, you are here and you have some really cool ideas ahead to try, and remember for the next "self-care" day.

Gallery Credit: Aly

Your mental health matters. And You matter.

For more ideas to help your mental and physical, click here. 


No need for permission, just do what makes you smile. Prioritize yourself, inside and out. You shine brighter when you glow from within.

"Self-care means taking the time to do things that help you live well and improve both your physical health and mental health. When it comes to your mental health, self-care can help you manage stress, lower your risk of illness, and increase your energy. Even small acts of self-care in your daily life can have a big impact." - Source

I'll leave you with a quote I literally live by,

Do something for yourself today that your future self will thank you for later.

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