Without getting into the politics of inflation or really touching base on prices and how they have hiked, I want to let you in on how I have already saved a dime or two! And I have been doing most of these things for about 2 years, so I can vouch, that they are do-able with a little practice and patients.  

Things Aly does to treat herself while saving money: 

  • I Color my own hair. Now don’t get me wrong, if I want a bomb blonde bombshell hair color, I will go to the salon but if I am just doing an all over color, I do it myself. So far, it’s been a little over a year since I was last at the salon for hair color.  
  • I cut my own hair! Yes, you read that right, I do cut my own hair, and do I recommend you doing the same? Possibly, Brad Mondo is a great hairstylist, and he has some pretty amazing tutorials to watch and help with the confidence as you bring your shears to your locks.  
  • I do my own acrylic nails. While this can be a pretty long task to do on your own, with some practice and the “dip powder” method, you’ll be sure to “nail” it as well. I make sure to give myself time to pay attention to filing and buffing the nails as well as ample time to let my nails dry (I really should get shellac). Not only do I save money from doing it at home, (dip kit costs maybe 15bucks and you get a ton of nail sets out of one kit) but I also us it as my “me time.” Calming, very calming, turn on a show you want to binge watch or even play your favorite music, take this time for yourself! 
  • I make my coffee/tea at work and bring creamer. I figured out how to make my favorite iced coffees! Brew some coffee, pour it over ice and add your flavors/creamer. I tell you what, once you find your favorite combo, those espresso stands will seem like a chore. (Unless you have a craving then, do divulge)  

All of these things, I actually do for myself, and in turn it has helped me save money. Plus, there’s a feeling of “good job girl! You did that!” afterwards, and I love the feeling. No matter how you want to pinch pennies, still treat yourself, even if you have to “do it yourself.”  

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