Coffee stands in Washington State, they're abundant, and conveniently located. One of my favorites tops to make tough is at DVO (Diana's Very Own) Espresso right in the heart of Wenatchee WA.

DVO Espresso located at 701 Mission St. Wenatchee WA.

Owner, Diana, has had her shop for about a year now. 

She started as a barista, and has had a passion for coffee, I personally have always loved getting a cup of coffee from Diana for many years now.

When working for the company "Java Dog," she managed to make a very good impression on the owner of that stand, that when he chose to sell one of his locations, he made his call to Diana to see if she was interested... Now the Wenatchee Valley is blessed with her very own coffee stand, DVO Espresso.

I love getting a White Chocolate Iced Americano with a splash of cream. on the hotter days, I reach for a Pink Lotus with strawberry and almond. Either or are served perfectly through the DVO drive thru window!

"Hey I'm going to DVO, want anything?" My short answer is always, YES. Followed by my drink order.

DVO also offers snacks to munch on while you enjoy your coffee or smoothie. Cookies, bagels, yum...

Make sure  to grab a punch card. I promise you will be back. Tip your barista and enjoy the magical taste of your favorite coffee crafted with love by one of the awesome gals at DVO Espresso!

for more information:

DVO Espresso - Coffee Stand in Wenatchee


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